At Think Ten, we highlight the humanity of others with thought-provoking, innovative entertainment and media projects because we understand that media has the power to inspire change, motivate action and compel deep thinking and conversation – globally.

Founded by social entrepreneurs and filmmakers Ramon Hamilton and Jennifer Fischer, at Think Ten we believe in the value of not only creating media ourselves, but also inspiring, empowering and educating others to create media as well.

Ramon and Jennifer have been a producing duo for over 10 years. Their multi-award winning film, SMUGGLED, received 5 “Best Of” Awards and 15 official selections. The film has also garnered impressive media coverage (NBCLatino, ABC, Univision, Fusion, etc.) and screened at university campuses, film society events, libraries, and community organizations throughout the U.S. and abroad. Their short film, "THE wHOLE" premiered at Amnesty International's 50th Anniversary Human Rights Conference. The duo continues to push themselves creatively, moving into the areas of story telling through social media, 360/VR and the creation of interactive story worlds.

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