Spotlight On Hope Film Camp - SOH is a free filmmaking

program for pediatric and young adult cancer patients.



Our camps offer a unique and creative therapeutic outlet for pediatric and

young adult cancer patients (ages 5-25) and their siblings where their families 

find excitement, enjoyment and relaxation through film production, enhancing

their mental well-being and self-worth. Help us make a difference! Please make your monthly or one-time donation now! Thank you so much for your support.

Established in 2013, SOH is a filmmaking and animation program for pediatric and young adult cancer patients and their families. The inspiration for the camp and its name came from SOH's Executive Director, Cassie Nguyen, a pediatric brain cancer survivor. 

At SOH Film Camps, participants gain hands-on experience with various aspects of the filmmaking process, such as story development, acting, cinematography, sound recording, green screen/special effects, editing and animation. But, most importantly, SOH allows participants to take a break from the daily tolls of cancer treatment and live out their wildest dreams as they create films limited only by their imaginations. 

SOH film camps are held at UCLA and UC, Riverside and have conducted more than 25 camps and served hundreds of participants. Future programs will be held at the University of Southern California and UC, Irvine. We’ve also partnered with the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Make A Wish of South Carolina, Dean Productions, Childhood Foundation of Southern California, the Donald A. Strauss Foundation, GLUCK Fellows Program of the Arts, Berkeley Big Ideas and ASPB, Associated Students Program Board at UCR.

SOH is actively seeking sponsors. For more information, or to become a sponsor please contact or call (951) 233-0577.





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Click HERE to view films produced by Spotlight on Hope students.

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